A Window to the Present

Photo from Le Love

I find it entertaining to listen to C’s stories about his life. Occasionally, those stories would involve other women as C is a long-term relationship type of person and would typically be  involved with someone for years. I know most women don’t like to hear exes mentioned, even in passing. But I personally don’t mind. Maybe it’s because I myself can cite a past experience without pain or self-doubt. While I cherish my memories, I know who I’m with and who’s important to me now.

And I know that I’m not just going to be a part of a story. Knowing that you’re someone’s present and future is what matters.


I mentioned my ex-goal of kissing someone in each country. I now have a new one: kissing C in each city we visit. With photographic proof. This is city no. 1, London.

London - March 2010

Because monogamous serial kissing is much more fun. Too bad city no. 2 would have to wait a while.


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