Falling in love with WoT. Again.

Yes, it’s possible to fall in love again and again with the same book. Or, in this case, the same series.

I started Robert Jordan’s masterpiece, The Wheel of Time, by reading The Eye of the World late 2009. It made me realize what WoT fans knew all along: that WoT is not just any fantasy series and that Jordan is one of the best writers I have ever read. Sometimes, I think most people categorize fantasy writers too harshly. As someone who reads practically all genres, I can say with confidence that a number of fantasy and sci-fi writers are far better than some critically-acclaimed general fiction authors.

Anyway, before I start ranting again, I didn’t read The Great Hunt (WoT Book 2) until after 2010 started. And even then, I was distracted by a lot of things: work, Chris, other wonderful books like Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan, my family, and the trip to London. I stubbornly stuck to reading the uniquely amazing Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel well after April 2010 as I had precious little reading time. I barely restarted The Great Hunt again before I was seduced into reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. After managing to finish The Great Hunt, I made my way through The Dragon Reborn (WoT Book 3), slowly at first and then picking up speed as things got a lot more interesting. I lament the fact that I can no long finish a book in one or two days as my neurologist has strictly forbidden staying up late. And while the kids were here, it was way too noisy for long reading sessions. But there’s something to be said about my new-found slower reading pace; I can digest the book and appreciate every page even more.

I realized that I had fallen in love again while reading The Dragon Reborn. I felt what I felt in the middle of The Eye of the World, and I had varying fondness for Nynaeve, Egwene, Moiraine and Mat. I don’t like the lead character, Rand. But, knowing how multi-faceted the characters are in WoT, I might change my mind in the future. Their ever-changing adventures thrilled me and there were times when I felt like a parent guiltily choosing favorites. I just finished The Dragon Reborn yesterday and I can’t wait to start Book 4, The Shadow Rising, but the book is in already in the Faisal apartment and I haven’t officially moved in yet. WoT is a long series composed of 14 books with 12 already released. Non-readers would think of it as an incredible commitment but, really, it’s the easiest thing to stay devoted to Robert Jordan’s books. The story, the quality of writing and the characterizations are so good that one can see why WoT fans can be rabid when it comes to defending the series. Sadly, Jordan passed away a few years ago. Books from The Gathering Storm (Book 12) onwards were completed by Brandon Sanderson based on Jordan’s notes.

Thank you, C,  for sending me the 5 books after The Eye of the World. 🙂 My fiance understands that geekiness is integral to my character, and he encourages my reading and artsy experiments even if we don’t share the same hobbies.


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