A Project 365 Photoblog: Enamel Clips

I should’ve done this much earlier but I was resistant to committing to a year-long photography project. But hey, if Joe could take one picture of Katie every single day for more than a year, then I should be able to do my own Project 365: one photo for each day for 365 days. I even have a home for it ready.




The theme is Modularity Lite with a custom spectrum background. It allows for as much customization as possible in a WordPress.com blog, although I will probably move all my blogs to WordPress.org in the future for maximum customization and self-expression.

Enamel Clips is still closed as my Project 365 will start around August. Why not now? Because I’m loaning my dSLR to Dad for his upcoming vacation. 😀

I decided against the blog and will just use our Flickr album for my project 365. I’m starting a cooking blog soon, and I really can’t deal with more than 2 blogs at a time. 😀 Besides, photos are what Flickr is for.


2 thoughts on “A Project 365 Photoblog: Enamel Clips

  1. I too have the same theme for my photoblog and totally enjoying it!

    and 365days project—whoohoooo, I too want to start but donno if I will be able to complete it =)

    All the best to u!

    • Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 I know how you feel about Project 365. I love taking pictures but I don’t do it everyday. It will be good practice. 🙂

      Mind if I link you from Enamel Clips? It’s not open yet but it will be soon.

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