The Sartorialist vs. The Face Hunter

Both are reputable fashion blogs by equally reputable photographers that are recommended by many. I follow both through my Google Reader because their photos can give both men and women a lot of ideas when it comes to dressing up (or down… it depends). What is better?

The Face Hunter, blogging since 2006, is edgy, modern and fantastic. The subjects are mostly female taken from different cities around the world and the focus can be the whole outfit or just parts of it. Most of those pictured are also young and camera-friendly, which makes it easy for the photographer to do his job. TFH would occasionally post about where he is, the people he’s with and what they’re doing. I mostly read about one VIP party after another. While I’m impressed with the coolness of TFH, I couldn’t help but notice that he patterned his blog after The Sart down to the layout and the blogging platform. However, the content is very different. They’re both posting pictures but TFH has managed to develop his own identity and make himself known.

The Sartorialist has been traveling and taking pics of people from the streets since 2005. He’s a bit of a controversial figure after all the gossip that resulted after he allegedly left his wife for fellow celebrity photographer, Garance Doré. But say what you want about The Sart. He’s an excellent photographer; his subjects jump off the vibrant photos. You can see the busy background, sense the colorful streets, but they all pale to the lovely person in the foreground. His subjects are both sexes, young and old. he mostly leaves the photos to convey his message although, occasionally, he writes a brief commentary when something strikes him. I particularly appreciate The Sart’s attention to little details, especially with men’s clothes and shoes.

If one assumes TFH photographs beautiful party people, The Sart gives the impression that he walks the streets for the sole purpose of catching the random perfect moment.

So, who won? The Sart, of course. I personally prefer classic with a twist than fashionably flashy.


One thought on “The Sartorialist vs. The Face Hunter

  1. Agree with the outcome of this article, but I guess in all honesty it depends what particulars you are looking for. For youth culture eye candy, Facehunter provides a competent insight into the current trends. But his knowledge into ‘fashion’ itself is, self admittedly, poor. He definitely has a certain style and feel he’s attracted to, whether he’s passively aware or not, resulting much of his subjects reflecting similarity, which inevitably leads to mundanity. I’d check out his parallel ‘Yvan Rodic’ blog as its far more interesting, albeit slightly non fashion orientated.

    Need I say anything more about The Sartorialist? The guy knows his business, and the shots he conjures up are often gold – myself having taken many inspirations from his subjects. If you want find examples of real, cutting edge fashion, I guess look no further.

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