One shot of Martini, please. On a cone.

Or maybe a screaming orgasm. I like that one better. (The drink, you dirty old man!)

After convincing Tricia that Skype was better than sliced bread, she and I had our first video chat. We talked about lots of stuff including weight (girls), her boyfriend’s photography and video business (I have a wedding photographer!), food (cough), our friend Alet (the one that completes the trio), our reading recommendations (Elizabeth Gilbert for her and Robert Jordan for me), and more food. What can I say, we like our food. Alet eats the most and she’s the skinniest of us all. Trish told me that her friends are starting an alcoholic ice cream business and she’s thinking of a catchy title for an article about it.

Alcoholic ice cream. *floats* Sounds like a dream. I would totally buy it! And keep extra stock at home for my moments. There goes the freezer space. 🙂


Since it’s chore-day-Friday, I’m trying to get two weeks worth of laundry done. I complained about our machine, which is starting to act up, and suggested to my Dad that maybe it’s time for us to buy an automatic.

Dad: No. It’s not 10 years old yet.

Me: *chokes* Does it have to be 10 years old before it’s replaced?

Dad: Yep. It’ll be 10 next year. You won’t be here to use it,  you’ll be in the States by then.



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