My mother, sister and brother might leave for the Philippines tonight. For the last two and a half months, I’ve had no privacy as Jiko is ever-present in the room and Sofia is always running around and talking non-stop. As I’ve had to give up my bed and sleep on the couch, my back is almost ready to give in. If I need to dress and order the two to get out, I’m lucky if they pull a blanket over their faces until I’m done. (Jiko does, Sofia refuses because she’s “a girl, too”.) The two have first dibs on the chocolate, finish the milk and juices before I even realize we have them, and demand goodies everyday I come home from work. After tonight, I’m going to have all the peace and quiet I want (and probably need) but I’m going to miss the noise and craziness when they leave. Especially the small one; the little terror is as lovable as she is frustrating.


Thank God for small blessings like Skype. 🙂

… and I will see them again this Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. nakakalungkot yan. despite the peace and quiet you super long to have — it will always feel different. Sad.

    yan ang feeling na meron tayo parati… people thought it’s nice kasi laging balik balik lang dito sa riyadh –pinas — or elsewhere, what they don’t know is the sadness of parting.

    im preparing myself when faye goes to college — she was like sofia 🙂 now, she’s a senior! nakakaloka!

    • Yep, being an OFW is not always about the money you earn. We’re lucky because we see our families pretty often compared to other overseas workers. But that doesn’t make parting easier. I feel like I’m missing a big part of Sofi’s childhood. That’s what I felt with Jiko… when I left for college, he was still small. When I graduated and we lived together again, he was bigger than me! Haha!

      Faye is an HS senior already?!? Haha… we’re getting old, Jan. 😀

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