On Parties

Yesterday, I was eagerly asked by two guys I was chatting with in the lunchroom if I liked going to parties. I thought for a while before saying, “Yes, when I was younger.”

They looked surprised by my answer because I’m only 26 and I look even younger. 😀 And I do enjoy going to parties, just not too often and not the kind of parties that one usually goes to when one is in Saudi Arabia. I no longer get 18-year-old-Wasted and I’ve learned to appreciate quiet times spent with friends and family. These days, I think my friends and I look forward to get-together dinners where everyone catches up more than grinding hips with an anonymous someone on a sweaty dance floor.

Back to the present. They told me that they’d love to invite me to picnics in the future with the other people from work and I said I’m fine with that. 🙂 I think they were more surprised that the girl who seems to be too busy and antisocial at work to chat can be (shockingly) okay.

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