Flip-flop Shopping: Ipanema & Grendha

Almost exactly a year ago, the three females in this family went Brazilian flip-flop shopping. That was when we discovered Ipanemas and decided that we loved it more than Havaianas. Tonight, we went back to the same store and got five pairs of flip-flops: 1 for Mom, 1 for me, and 3 for Sofia. I was wondering how the baby managed to convince us that all three were necessary but they’re all cute and inexpensive anyway so it’s okay. Grendha and Ipanema are both under Grendene, one of the biggest footwear companies in Brazil.

Just like last year, Mom and I got matching pairs again. Just different colors of the same Grendha model. It was accidental this time since the pairs we really wanted were not available for our size. Here are two pairs of Claudia Leitte Energia, violet/lilac for me and white for Mom.


The little one has 3 Ipanemas: a Kestral white kids wedge, a Dizzy yellow, and a pink/violet one (don’t know the model name).



While the yellow is cute and the white one is flirty, I love the plain pink and violet the most on Sofia. It suits her feet and it’s sooooo soft. I wish they have a big version of it. 😉

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