Why Noynoy isn’t so bad after all.


There are 2 reasons why I don’t mind having Homer Simpson aka Noynoy Aquino as President.

  1. He is allegedly incorruptible.
  2. More importantly, if he didn’t run, Erap would’ve won.

Every time I think of Erap Estrada being #2 in the presidential polls, I want to fly into a rage at the stupidity of my own countrymen. The incompetent fool with verbal diarrhea stole from us, used the money to enrich his family and mistresses, was ousted and found guilty of plunder… and yet YOU VOTED FOR HIM?!

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From Jessicarulestheuniverse.com:

9. We really are getting older. The young are clueless about the sins of the now-victorious Marcoses.

Among the incumbent Marcoses, has anyone denounced the atrocities of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos during the Martial Law era? Has anyone expressed regret? Have they showed any signs of not being built from the mold of their infamous and thankfully now-dead ancestor?

Don’t give me that the-son-is-different-from-the-father bullshit. Unless the son distanced himself from and fought against the crimes of his parent, I wouldn’t be so magnanimous about giving the political family that caused our country so much hurt another chance. Too bad that the citizens have such short memories.

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