When does hotness decide to leave?

I need to show you something. Just three pictures. The first, EXHIBIT A:

Does he look a little familiar? No? What about if I show you a second one, EXHIBIT B:

Are you getting warmer but your mind is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the truth? Well, maybe a third pic will help. EXHIBIT C:

After years of not seeing him anywhere, I decided to Google Val Kilmer, the love of my teenage life. And those *points above* were what Google Images coughed up. What happened, Val? You were my Doc Holliday, my Iceman, The Saint, the cutest Batman ever! We were engaged in my dreams and you gave me a peach silk dress (not white?) for the church ceremony before I ran away (this is another story altogether). You had more hotnessss in your upper lip than Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and George Clooney combined. WHAT HAPPENED?!?! *wails*

I mean, I know I barely watch TV or movies and don’t really keep up with who’s who in showbiz. But have I really been out of touch that long? I miss the Val with the spiky hair and tough jaw who looked very capable of shoving Tom off his stool.

Was is just yesterday when he was smiling at us looking all serious, moody and artistic?

I first saw Mr. Kilmer on the big screen when my mom took a 5 year old little girl to see a cutesy fantasy film called Willow… and she didn’t stop watching it ’til she turned 13. I’m not sure if the hair looks right on him but he does look sexy with all the chest exposure throughout the movie.

Isn’t that cute? 😀 I suddenly want to see Willow again. Here’s a quote from Scrape:

Now the butt of many jokes due to his rotund appearance and his virtual disappearance from any movies that anyone has seen, Kilmer has apparently embraced his current status, promising to push his current life ever forward in the New Year.

“I made a New Year’s resolution well before the year was coming to a close. I resolved to continue on the path that I have been on in recent years and to hit it home even further. It’s become ever more clear to me in recent years that this is my one true destiny and that I have to embrace it in order to truly enjoy life,” said Kilmer in an exclusive interview. “I figure there’s no sense fighting what you are. I’ve done that before and it only ever resulted in heartache and frustration and that is something that at my age I’m simply not willing to tolerate any more.  My resolution for the New Year is to eat as much as I possibly can without getting sick and I am going to stick to that no matter the obstacles.”

Kilmer celebrated his fiftieth birthday on December 31 with friends, family, and apparently quite a lot of food. He would not reveal his exact weight.

Well, as long as you’re having fun, Val. You’ll always be my favorite actor. 🙂


6 thoughts on “When does hotness decide to leave?

  1. no!!! I too fell in love with him while a teenager, but it was real genius that won my heart, hehe…but part of me is glad that an actor is embracing his “I’m a real person” side instead of going all plastic and fake.

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