On Google


I’m addicted to Google.

  • I’m a blackbelt Gmail ninja. I even have a “comic” label where my strip subscriptions go so they won’t clog my inbox. (And so I know where to go when I badly need a Pooch Cafe-inspired giggle.)
  • I have my family recipes, organization documents, and random stuff stored in Google Docs.
  • I depend on Google Reader to keep myself updated with my favorite sites and blogs. There are four folders:
    • Blogroll
    • Fashion
    • Culture
    • Pet Society (yeah yeah!)
    • Funnies – For stupid but entertaining stuff like Lamebook
  • Google Calendar tells me when I need to buy presents and reminds me when to greet a friend or family member in case my always-failing memory fails me again.
  • Google Buzz is a petiks haven. I find its layout cleaner and more convenient than Twitter.
  • Chrome is my favorite browser. The themes are prettier than anything Firefox has ever produced.

Maybe Google execs are megalomaniacs. Last night, Chris told me that they made a new operating system that backs-up on the Internet and he’s urging me to download the Windows extension if I don’t want to mess with my OS. Are Larry Page and Sergey Brin as rich as Bill Gates yet?


8 thoughts on “On Google

    • Thanks. 🙂 I spent one whole day trying out different themes from WordPress.com. I wanted something that’s customizable so it can at least look different from other WordPress blogs. It was hard since WP themes gives little room to move. But this one, Vigilance, gives the user a lot of options. 🙂

  1. How did you change the font and colour? I tried a lot of times to find a tool that could change them, but to no avail. And the avatar looks mighty big.

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