The Perfect Excuse

Being engaged is convenient. Now, I have the perfect excuse for not giving my phone number when another guy asks (when not related to work, community activities, or any other official matter).

When NO is insufficient and I’m asked for a reason by really dense parties, I try not to be rude. My favorite excuses used to be:

  • I don’t have a phone. This is hard to pull off. Who doesn’t have a phone these days?
  • I don’t have my number memorized and I don’t have my phone with me. This is even harder to pull off if phone rings at a very inopportune moment.
  • My boyfriend is a professional wrestler.

Now, I simply say, “My fiance wouldn’t like it” in a very polite voice. In 2 seconds, annoying guy would stammer an excuse and run and then I can resume the conversation with my girlfriends.

When I just have a boyfriend, I still think of myself as a single person. But being engaged is a different matter altogether. Soon, I will be married. It’s hard to get into the WE mindset. Lately, Chris has been practicing and has stopped saying I when responding to certain messages. I have to get used to it, too. 🙂

When I talk to Chris on Skype each night, my sister Sofia loudly complains and tells my parents that “Ate is talking to Kuya Kwits again! *loud sigh*” I know I spend a lot of quality time with her and the rest of my family so it’s not jealousy. She just likes to make fun of me. Last night, mom made me try on this pretty midnight-blue dress. Sofia went C-R-A-Z-Y!!! Apparently, she thought that the dress would be hers and not mine so she growled, cried, yelled and chased me around the house with her tiny claws reaching for the dress. My mom tried to tell her off but she was laughing too hard and my brother was giggling so much he couldn’t stand. I thought the sparkly beads and netting would be torn out which is why I ran away from a child who is barely one meter tall. (Not that I was scared or anything. Hmph.)

The point is, I’m 26. She’s 5. Note the 21-year age gap! When your sister is 5, you shouldn’t be worried about her being jealous of your clothes, your make-up, and your partying. But Sofia started puberty at age 1. Our brother Jiko blames me for influencing her. WTF?! I didn’t do a thing. Mom and I are both pretty laid back while she has the combined kikay factor of Ruffa, Gretchen and Kris.

iPod time

She borrowed my iPod. The pose, what she’s doing, even her smile makes her
look older than what she is. But the chocolate on her lip is pure little girl.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Excuse

  1. 7. Define the causality. Connor says society prohibits gay marriage and gay adoption because gays are more prone to promiscuity, depression, drug abuse, and suicide, and less likely to sustain stable relationships than straights are. But what if its the other way around? What if societys verdict that youre unfit to marry or raise kids makes you more prone to promiscuity, depression, drug abuse, and suicide, and less likely to sustain stable relationships? And what if the emotional problems that afflict kids with gay parents are caused not by having gay parents, but by societys taboo against gay parenthood?

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