Secret’s Out

I detest Yahoo! Answers. Not the site itself, which was probably made to answer very useful questions like “What’s the best fertilizer for daffodils?”, but the people who turned it into a forum for proclaiming their stupidity to the world.

For instance, questions like “How do I tell my husband that I’m leaving him?” seem to be common on the site. The Asker, instead of having a heart-to-heart talk with the said husband or calling a counselor to salvage the relationship, tells her sob story on the site so a hundred strangers can tell her how right or how selfish she is. IMNSHO, a person who posts such a personal question in a public forum has already decided what to do. She just needs affirmation about her decision.

Ask a thousand strangers and you’ll get a thousand answers. And then you can pick out the answers you like to hear to make you feel better about yourself.



6 thoughts on “Secret’s Out

  1. Ummm yea, that would be the ex beast, I mean, ex wife. She needed public opinion on everything. As I said then, I say now, not everything is or needs to be up for public discussion 🙂

  2. Wish I could kid about it but that is what happened with me. And yes it is disgraceful if not a bit crass and misguided.

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