Er… PAF?

At least three members of my family are Pet Society freaks: me, my 5-year-old sister and my dad.

Dad is a classy player. He faithfully checks his Pet Society every night, usually in between his Farmville planting, rearranges his furniture, sends gifts, visits, and does anything a regular player would do. He is very proud of his pet’s organized house and has told me more than once that my room layout is a mess. He used to lament that he didn’t have enough neighbors to visit to earn coins and buy expensive furniture, but ever since I told him about my Mystery Box trick, he has transformed his pet Mushu’s house into a Pet Society mansion!

I’m the obsessed one. I look forward to the weekly update, occasionally buy Playfish cash, update a blog, and make sure I know all the new features and special items. When I play PS, Chris told me that I have a “Pet Society face” where I suddenly look all serious and my lips pucker a little. He said he has never seen me so focused even with mob Wars before. 😀

Sofia, the little one, is a terrorist. She wants to have everything and will do anything to make sure she gets it even if her own pet can’t afford it. Even if she has to harass me and force me to send the split A/C, easter tree seed, and bathtub all at the same time while I’m playing and then run to the next room where the other computer is to make sure she received them. Her own pet has changed names and appearance so often that I’m no longer sure what it looks like. It started as Aurora, became Maimai, then Mimi and somehow ended up being named Alyssa Bettina S. Fermazi.

Mom doesn’t play but she lets my sister use her account. I was the one who made my mother’s pet. It used to be a pink kitty named Chocolate with a simple house. Now it has cool digs, recolored purple fur, and is named PAF (pronounced “Paaaaahhhhhhhfff” according to the terrorist).

What the heck is PAF? Philippine Air Force?


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