Packed. And the umbrella is ready.

I should apologize to my dear, old, suffering blog. I haven’t been as faithful as I used to be. Sorry, bloggy… I did have to work a lot lately plus Pet Society is my latest jealous mistress and it insists on monopolizing my free time. (Robert Jordan’s WoT is not giving up without a fight, though.)

And so I am packed for tonight’s midnight flight. I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself. The last time I went there, I had three bags. My Aunt Oda was aghast and asked what did I need three bags and seven pairs of shoes for during a brief 3-week stay. This time, I only have two pairs of shoes and wrinkle-resist clothes that all miraculously fit into my little black luggage. Plus the umbrella. 😀

This reminds me of a funny story told my by Mom’s friend. She informed her teenage daughter that they would be visiting Manila for three days. The girl immediately packed her stuff and brought a suitcase filled with clothes for a month’s stay. Her mom decided not to comment. When they arrived, the mother found out that though her daughter practically brought her whole room along, she forgot to bring a single pair of undies!


Aside from my necessities (meds: check, fashionable flat boots: check, flowery dress that looks good with the boots and a coat: check), I’m armed with two tourist guides, a large folded street map of London, a Tube map, a list of nice restaurants, a list of plays showing in the West End, a list of traditional English pubs, a list of must-see places including phone numbers and addresses, AND a three-page calendar for noting the day’s itinerary.

Since Chris is a first-time visitor to London, I asked him what he wanted to see. He replied that he’ll take it easy and go to wherever he thinks about in the morning. I said “fine” but I’m still bringing my binder. He may not have an itinerary, but I do. Haha!

Besides, it was Mr. I’ll-Take-It-Easy who hyperventilated and panicked when we had to change hotel bookings at the last minute.



4 thoughts on “Packed. And the umbrella is ready.

  1. Hope you’re having fun!

    Funny, very male-like to say that he’ll figure it out when he gets there.. lol, I don’t like planning trips (although I’ll plan other things) too much. It almost seems to ruin the mood when plans don’t go through… so to avoid the disappointment, better not to have one to begin with, LOL!

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