Packing … Again

I have 8 days to think about what I’m going to bring. I really have to make a list since I ALWAYS forget the essential things when I leave for a trip. But right now, all I can think about is work, work, work, and making sure that I don’t leave any of my (messy) pending for Tita E to deal with while I’m gone.

But one thing that I will try not to forget is an umbrella. I’ve been to England before and learned the hard way that a clear morning doesn’t exactly mean a sunny afternoon. 😀 I can’t wait to finally meet Roger and see Letski, Mama Oda and meet my new aunt Amy for the first time.

Maybe if I feel more relaxed this weekend I’ll make a list. Which I will probably lose after two days and I’ll find myself panicking with 3 hours to go before the flight wondering what to bring.


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