Maybe Annabelle Rama was Paid by Noynoy Detractors

First of all, I’m not a Noynoy supporter (Go Villar!). Second, I like Ruffa in a shallow way we “like” TV personalities we don’t really know. Third, I don’t think about showbiz unless my mom happens to be watching something and I stay in the vicinity.

All that said, I can’t resist commenting on the ridiculous circus that the Gutierrez family has created over a simple comment by Kris Aquino in The Buzz. Watch the video here: The Controversial KRIS AQUINO & RUFFA GUTIERREZ The Buzz moment!.

The questionable comment was at the end so you have to watch that part. In summary, they were discussing Ruffa’s leaving The Buzz and the network to transfer to TV-5. Kris then lightly says: “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito. (Ruffa, admit it, it’s very enjoyable to work here.)”. Ruffa then responds that Kris doesn’t have to rub it in. Ruffa reportedly walked out after that because she was in tears over the comment and Kris’ alleged bullying.

Here’s Annabelle Rama’s (Ruffa’s mom) violent reaction in the rival station’s Showbiz Central:

  • Annabelle claims that Kris has been bullying Ruffa over the years and that Ruffa is just tolerating it. Hmmm… why stay for 3 years then? Kris’ frankness doesn’t seem like bullying. Rather, Ruffa was just being oversensitive.
  • She says that Kris envies Ruffa. Sure, Ruffa is taller and definitely more beautiful physically. But she is uneducated and has far less moolah and influence compared to Kris. Has she even given a public statement that made sense? I believe Ruffa is a better billboard model than Kris — and that’s it.
  • Ruffa WTF??!!! You are a woman in your mid-thirties with your own career and children! Do you honestly need to have your mother protecting you and publicly speaking for you every single time you overreact and cry? It’s so embarrassing.
  • And, lastly, Annabelle repeatedly demands the public to not vote for Noynoy, Kris’ brother who is running for presidency, because of the issue. What does Noynoy have to do with all this shit? He’s not even showbiz or part of The Buzz. It could be said that maybe Annabelle was angry if she mentioned it once. But no! She repeatedly says and demands it all throughout the interview.

I’m curious, Annabelle, which political candidate PAID you to say that over national TV? You seem to think that the Filipino voter’s IQ is as bad as yours. Thankfully, you’re wrong. Honestly, what Kris said wasn’t even borderline offensive. She just reminded Ruffa how happy they are as a team. She even said that “they are neighbors” which meant that she will never be far from Ruffa.

I’m trying to think of reasons for reasons for the laughable over-dramatization of events.

  • Maybe they need publicity for Ruffa’s transfer so she’ll still be popular if there are always issues about her on tabloid columns.
  • Perhaps the above suspicion was true and Annabelle did it to discredit Noynoy’s campaign. For a price. Ruffa is an actress by profession, and even a bad actress can pretend to be distraught when needed.
  • Or maybe Ruffa is really an over-acting, over-sensitive individual and her mother reverts to her palengkera ways every time her kids encounter a bump in life. Because everyone knows that to be a parent means having to coddle your kids way into middle age. Feel the sarcasm.

My head is aching from too much showbiz. Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for the Oscars. That is good and wholesome news at least. And now, I am going back to work.

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