Bill Kaulitz

This post from Failbooking made me laugh so hard:

Funny Facebook Fails

I don’t have anything against Bill Kaulitz. I’ve never heard Tokio Hotel’s music but they seem to have great reviews. Maybe one of these days I’ll make an effort to search for it. I do like his androgynous fashion sense, especially his ever-evolving hair and the fact that he is not afraid to wear guyliner, a choker, a scarf, lipstick and blush all at the same time AND proclaim that he’s straight.

He said he’s been single for ages because he really just wants to find true love. 🙂 I can almost hear millions of teenage girls sighing and eating it all up. Hah!

Maybe it’s just an excuse to be able to hide in the closet longer and increase record sales. But then again, maybe it’s true. In any case, even if Bill was in front of me right now, what am I going to do with a guy who’s prettier and has more slender ankles than I do?!

We can always go shopping. Or he can teach me that eyeliner trick. Or he can take me to his hairdresser. Split-ends are threatening to reveal themselves.


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