I have been thinking of studying again.

I used to be against online education but then I realized that it’s simply not realistic for me to completely stop working and be a full-time classroom student for 2 years. Who would pay for my expenses then? My tuition? My periodic shopping madness? 😀 I am incredibly grateful to my parents for giving me the Jesuit education that I’ve dreamed of and that’s why I made sure I got my undergraduate degree without any hitch. Back then, Mom clearly told me that I had ONE chance, which meant a 4-year deadline, no extensions or excuses, and I didn’t want to fuck up. I think that their responsibility ended there and I can’t possibly expect them to foot the bill for graduate school.

So getting an online MBA is definitely an option. 🙂 I’ve been reading about it lately and I think it’s the best thing for me right now. I would like to do something constructive with my time while I am still here in Riyadh, and I have the work experience and the motivation to do this. After April, I will definitely have to start gathering all my requirements for school applications starting with taking the GMAT, taking the TOEFL, and getting my Ateneo de Manila transcript evaluated to get the GPA equivalent. Just the requirements, exams, and applications cost money. And the tuition and books will instantly cut half of my monthly salary if I want to apply to the type of foreign school that I want. No more shopping sprees or playtime once this starts. But it’s worth it.

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