Just in Time

There were very few roses, no carnations, limited lilies, and they were all overpriced. What did I expect? It’s Valentines Day in good old Riyadh after all. Sorry, the shopkeeper said, we ordered a lot of roses but they’re all held in Customs right now.

I sighed and said I’ll take nine stalks of white daisies. Each stalk had 5-9 flowers each and they wrapped them with baby’s breath and red ribbons. I filled out the little cards while they were busy. I figured that since there was no one was around to give me flowers, I may as well give flowers to my girlfriends as most have husbands or boyfriends who live far, far away back home. Wherever home is.

I walked back to my office, shielded with flowers from the waist up, and passed by the gift shop to get several packets of Maltesers for the boys and the kids. Back in the department, I dropped each small bouquet on the girls’ desks one by one and, when I called one to check if her boss wasn’t around, she told me to come to her office. Hurry! she whispered, you have a package. I instantly knew what she meant. Grinning, I ran to office and found…

… flowers?

… chocolates?

Nope! Even better. I found a book. Chris sent me what I asked for, and it arrived just in time for Valentines Day. Thank you. It is much appreciated. I was missing this copy, it’s not available here, and the other books felt lonely on my bookshelf.

By the way, pink daisies smell funky. Stick with white or yellow. Or roses if you can still find some. Happy V-Day everyone! 🙂



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