I swore I wouldn’t make a post about Lamebook but…

… it’s too late.

This one really did it for me:

See original Lamebook post.

A Few Quotes from the Comments (which can sometimes be funnier than the post):

  • Lisa is a grown butt woman and should be capable of flushing. If she is not concerned about bf’s roommates seeing her delivery then she should flush. A bit late at this point to try and pretend she’s all dainty and offended.
  • What’s the point in dropping the kids off at the pool if you aren’t gonna let them ride the waterslide at the end?
  • Lisa is not only gross…she is very dumb. There are 3 guys living in a house and she doesn’t (at least on Facebook) immediately deny it was her that had the colossal BM?
  • It makes sense that Lisa typed in caps, she’s used to getting things out of her system in big and apparent ways.

My Comment:

WHY THE H*LL CAN’T SHE FLUSH? The old excuse of “my home/office has an automatic flusher so I’m not used to pal-secam flushes” doesn’t work anymore. You are in your boyfriend’s house. The least you could do while you’re still not engaged is pretend you’re not human and never do the Number 2. And even when you’ve been married for 80 years, there is no reason for any guy (or any other person on the planet) to see your handiwork after the age of 3.

Someone told me that he knew someone who used to say “I don’t know. I just don’t flush.” *headesks*


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