What Medical Check-ups Do

Medical check-ups makes one feel FAT.

But before I launch into this depressive post, here are a couple of funny strips about one of my favorite characters, Poncho (from Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan).

I didn’t know that Poncho was so fashion-conscious. 😀

And we continue our regular programming. I’ve neglected dieting for ages and I nearly fainted in the clinic yesterday after the nurse weighed me for my regular check-up. Yes, I did wear boots that must have weighed a ton but I still weighed more than I ever dreamed I would even after you skim that extra ton off.And I am not going to say what the number is, grrrr.

This means torture time.

  • Rice can only be eaten every four days.
  • No more chocolates for dessert.
  • Start eating like a Frenchwoman again (three forkfuls of sinful stuff).
  • Regular gym habit burning at least 300-400 per session.

If I am not thin again by the end of March, shoot me.


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