Today I will talk about Karma. I very rarely get (pre-)menstrual cramps I am absolutely convinced that I am doubled up in pain right now in spite of the powers of Ibuprofen because of one of the following:

a. I ate too much holiday candy and I’m still eating too much holiday candy.
b. I stayed up until 5am on a workday because I’m racing to finish a book I don’t really love. Selfishness for the sake of speed alone is a no-no.
c. I have a 5-month ironing backlog.
d. I’m enjoying my job and the spirit of Dilbert has branded me a traitor to middle-class workers worldwide.
e. All of the above.

Help me! I want to go home, curl under the blankets, put a warm bottle on my belly, and read Percy Jackson and the Olympians in between forkfuls of yakisoba.


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