The Day After

We had two dinners on Christmas Eve.  One was a picnic with my colleagues and friends and one was a dinner with Dad’s colleagues and friends.  By midnight, I was happy, sleepy and stuffed beyond belief. So much for maintaining my weight. Haha. I had to bake two chocolate fudge cakes and was in such a hurry that I nearly burned one. The kitchen looked like a crash site after I was done.

The rest of the night was spent playing, laughing and singing off-key (God help everyone who had to listen to me). And I was so stuffed that I lay on Kuya Gilbert’s and Ate Rhea’s couch for a few minutes, just to rest. I ended up sleeping there until 3:30am. But even asleep, I won a lottery and got a prize: a 12-piece set of tiny teacups and saucers in cute colors.

We were supposed to go to another picnic on Christmas morning but I couldn’t (or refused to) wake up on time so I spent the holiday doing my laundry and talking to my mom via Skype. My little sister Sofia was being her usual terrorist self, Julian is happy and finally gaining weight, and my brother Jiko grunted hello. I showed Sofia my little teacups and she instantly claimed them for herself, saying that they were “too small” for me. Then Tita Carmen came over and brought me lots of food. ^__^ Chris woke up much later, greeted me Merry Christmas, and watched me fall asleep.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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