Holiday Curse

I’m terrified of gaining weight. I’m okay with my body as it is now, especially since I lost a lot of unwanted pounds from that swine flu episode a month ago. Unfortunately, it is the holiday season. And that means unrestricted access to every kind of yummy thing that is extremely good for my satisfaction but extremely bad for my waistline.

Even here at work, everyone is already indulging. Among the potted poinsettias are jars, trays, and bowls full of candies, chocolates, cookies and other goodies. What’s dangerous is that they’re strategically placed where people often pass and any normal human will find oneself unconsciously reaching out and stuffing a candy into one’s mouth without breaking stride.

I’m living on sugar these days. And if I don’t go out, run for 10 miles or do something else to release this extra energy, I’m going to explode.


I got my present from Dad last night:

Samsung Star WiFi

Isn’t it pretty? 😀 It’s the first time for me to have a phone that does more than text or call. I was always a basic cellphone user and didn’t care much about new models or features. I always bought compact flip phones that served their purpose. Until I held my new Samsung, browsed the internet, updated Twitter, played a few web-based games, and fell in love. ^__^


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