Christmas Flowers

Nada gave us potted poinsettias for the holidays. I’m keeping mine in the office so I can look at it and watch it while I work. ^__^ And I’m no green thumb but at work, someone comes to take care of our plants three times a week. Even my Farmville farm has poinsettias. Haha.

I’m really enjoying my job these days. I haven’t felt this good about work since my time with Margaret, and that was more than five years ago! Sometimes I forget that I have been in KFSH that long. I’m really glad that we’re starting anew again plus working with Tita Edith is really great. She’s so organized and influences me to be better at my job while keeping things fun at the same time.


My 5-year-old cousin, Julian, is living with us (in our Las Pinas home) now. I’m glad that we have another member added to our family. Mom is really happy, Jiko likes him a lot, and Sofia finally has someone her age to play with. He found the concept of Skype strange at first when Sofia first used it in front of him. I guess he couldn’t believe he was seeing his “Ate Honey” who lives in KSA! But he seems more used to it now considering my family Skypes every single day to keep up the communication.


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