Happy Wednesday

Today’s mish-mash:

  • Go to Jarir and get a WoT book and maybe a copy of Breaking Dawn. (I’m sorry, Cousin Vlad. Mentioned S. Meyer and R. Jordan books in one post again.)
  • Grab a gift. Any gift! For tomorrow’s party.
  • Remember to give Chie the pearl earrings.
  • The hair is longer and pretty again. Yay! But the ends are a fright. Get a hair mask done or something before midnight.
  • Confess to Sofia that the Pet Society bug has bitten harder than I thought and that I have succumbed to the temptation of making a blog for my pet (Pet Society Cat).
  • Make a decent banner for above-mentioned blog. Treehorn deserves better.
  • Iron something. Anything to minimize the horrific pile of clean clothes! Being 26 means I can’t use the I’m-young-and-casual alibi to excuse wrinkled shirts anymore.
  • Enjoy the weekend! 😀 xoxo

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