A Very Pet Society Christmas

I’m excited about this week’s new offerings in Pet Society. I check the Pet Society blog religiously every Monday, and usually I think the same thing: “ARGH! Why did I buy that wallpaper/table/cabinet/etc. last week when this week’s new one is much better!?”

As Christmas draws nearer, they increased the holiday-themed items for sale in shops. I already redecorated two rooms (the balcony and the living room) for the holiday and winter season and they’re both pretty full of stuff. Still, I have my eye on a few items, particularly:

the pink holiday tree
the pink holiday tree

the snowman chair
the snowman chair

the icicle wall decor
the icicle wall decor

the winter day wallpaper
the winter floor
the winter day wallpaper and floor

I already have some of the new things like the gifts, cake rack, winter window and the holiday cakes from the food shop–which I all bought and transferred to the rooms in a hurry before I went to work.

gifts holiday wrapping floor
holiday wrapping wallpaper winter window cake rack

My snow-white cat, Treehorn, is already decked out in Christmas threads. But they released a cute matching Santa girl outfit which I want to add to her collection.

Santa hat Santa girl dress
Santa girl ribbon Santa girl shoes

It was my sister Sofia who got me into this cute game. We designed Aurora, her blue-furred, yellow-eyed kitty, together and I was so entertained that I decided to make Treehorn so Aurora will have more friends. Sofia and I talk about it in between discussing her schoolwork and everyday adventures. She sends me cat/dog poo when she’s mad at me, and we yell over Skype when she breaks into my account and steals my PS cash. And now I’m so loyal to PS (made by Playfish) that I refuse to even consider testing out the competition: Zynga’s Petville.

Blogs about Pet Society written by PS fans:

  • Pet Society World – Adventures of a lovely woman with a lovely pet named Momo. Very informative and entertaining (for a PS fan).
  • Pet Society Anonymous – A POV blog by a PS player with great reviews and posts about updates.
  • I can’t wait to get home and check out the stuff I listed above. Screw MW-LCN for today, as my playing mojo is reserved for making sure Treehorn is a fashionista this season. So if you’re playing PS, add me! 😀

    EDIT: Treehorn has a blog!


    3 thoughts on “A Very Pet Society Christmas

    1. aww this is a sweet site Fermazi, the little snowflakes are driving me crazy i keep touching the screen to try to touch them. have a good one, both you and chris

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