Thoughts on Mob Wars 2.0 “La Cosa Nostra” and someone called Mr. Gaylable

Just when I was ready to fully devote my play time to Pet Society and making sure my front room is the best winter wonderland this Christmas season, I found MW 2.0: Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra while dawdling around Diane’s (user Didadame) wall.

It has the flashy MySpace-MobWars interface, which I really l♥ve, and it’s in Facebook, which is makes it so convenient and accessible. This version is pretty new so most players are lower leveled and 95% are still trying to fill up their mobs. The fight list is very limited once you reach the 30s level range and one sees the same names all the time, so it’s pretty much chainer heaven for everyone. In one night, I was listed around 7-8 times. Tough for a low level player on her first day of playing. But it was pure fun! fun! fun! This is how the game is supposed to be played, and not the ridiculous 24-hour hitlist riding I did without any effort on MW 1.0. I had to use Force and suicide just to die because I was afraid Joannie (user Crazy spot Louie) and Danielle (user Bouna Bella) would kill me for clogging their hitlists.

Chris (user Bailable) is annoyed with me because I keep on chaining him to the hospital without permission in MW 2.0. And even though he out-leveled me pretty fast, I wiped the floor with him easily because of my bigger mob. A small revenge for out-leveling me on Farmville. Already, I’m being called out in an add me thread, of all places, and called an alt (fake) account of a Mr. Gaylable. I don’t know that person but if I do meet him someday, I will tell him over skinny lattes that we are being gossiped about in an online game database thread.


On real life news, my ears are still ringing over my little sister’s enthusiastic narrative (aka yelling). Clearly, teaching Sofia Beatriz Fermazi how to use Skype was a mistake. While I love seeing her cute face onscreen, she thinks the continental distance requires a boost of lung power–which is the last thing the ball of energy needs.

I spent most of the weekend with my girlfriends, cooking for them, food-tripping, and watching the movies that we missed. In between my shrieking every time Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner) appeared in New Moon, we managed to catch up with our latest personal news and stuff our faces with brownies and pasta. Janis and Shine, you two were missed. Hope you could join us next time! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mob Wars 2.0 “La Cosa Nostra” and someone called Mr. Gaylable

  1. Me (user Bailable) had no intentions of returning after the passed 2 weeks of worthless ppl’s ill advised doings and bot usage (automated programs meant to play the game where there is no user interaction). But Steffi (user Fermazi) convinced me with her beautiful smile to try the newest version and not have any human contact with said parties that ruined the game for me, her, Warren (user Dablues), Phil (user Phizzal), and so many many more. Going further, Steffi is not only my love of my life but my P.R. Rep. Any and all dealings with dumb and dumber go through her. As well as incidences that are ill advised for me to indulge in too.

    Love ya Babe.

    And who is that Mr. Gayable guy? Also, who is Whinable?

  2. Just play the game for yourself. 😀 And remember that it should not stress you out but rather, de-stress you. Trust me, we will have fun this time! Ignore any hater. lol. As soon as you turn off that comp after playing, the only one you’ll take with you is me. And your friendship with Warren, Phil, Will, Rob, Danielle, Jo, etc.

    MW 1.0 was not ruined by anyone else for me, but rather by myself. I didn’t like the endless leveling and I shouldn’t have submitted myself through that for months instead of waiting until a leveling session made me want to throw up.

    You didn’t get it right, it’s “Wailable”. Now that’s another person I haven’t met yet. 😀 Maybe he can join me and Mr. Gaylable for coffee. Do you think he prefers cappuccino?

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  4. I Play This Game on Facebook I Have A Death COunt of 200+ And im Level 375. If People List me i get on with it 😀 Because its 50/50 chance they won’t hit you again. I Love Hitlisting The HIgh Players For trouble But They Don’t Care. LOL

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