• Two days ago, I talked about Jaime Augusto Zobel, books, and epilepsy. That day, the views on my blog skyrocketed. I don’t think hundreds of people care much about what I want to read or how I screw up my health so it must be due to Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala. Yes, I love typing the full name.
  • Cammed with Jim and Cindy Knier through skype last night. They went to visit Chris and were nice enough to give me a call. I finally know what Dead Eye Weasel and Cinfullone look like. ❤ 😀
  • I keep on forgetting to check if I can get my paycheck for June 2009. It’s been six months, so please pay me because I am going to splurge on books (again) very very soon. *waves Dilbert flag*
  • I am working. But I am thinking of Pet Society and Tim Tams. I’ve forced my Dad to start playing PS even if it’s a non-macho game and he seems to like it. This is all Sofia’s fault! I’ve officially joined the ranks of people who post cutesy pet pictures on FB.
  • Tomorrow is movie brunch with with the girls. I need to bring dessert, preferably the chocolate types that could kill with one bite. Fudge cake? Brownies? Choco chunk cookies? The agony of making crucial decisions!

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