On Business and Headdresses

If you think trying to nose into someone else’s business was hard, try forcefully getting yourself out of someone else’s business. You don’t want to be there, but some universal force insists that your name must be mentioned! It’s almost amusing, if it didn’t hurt.

My sis, Sofia, is attending a wedding. The 4-year old imp informed me that she will be wearing multicolored crystals around her head, as opposed to the usual flowers or hat. She modeled her headdress and I admit I felt jealous. She looked like Cleopatra’s evil baby sister.

I still haven’t forgiven Sof for breaking into my Pet Society account in Facebook and using up all the money to buy things to send to her own account. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Mom with my password! All Mom could say was that she didn’t think a 4-year old could do so much damage. I told her that Sofia didn’t just (happily) steal from my Pet Society, she fertilized my neighbors’ farms in Farmville while she was in there, the little terrorist.

Today, Facebook. Tomorrow, the Pentagon.


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