Fermin is Love

‘In my family, we’ve always had a speedy metabolism. My sister, Jesusa, God rest her soul, was capable of eating a six-egg omelette with blood sausage in the afternoon and then tucking in like a Cossack at night. Poor thing. She was just like me, you know? Same face and same classic figure, rather on the lean side. A doctor from Caceres once told my mother that the Romero de Torres family was the missing link between man and the hammerhead, for ninety percent of our organism is cartilage, mainly concentrated in the nose and the outer ear. Jesusa was often mistaken for me in the village, because she never grew breasts and began to shave before I did. She died of consumption when she was twenty-two, a virgin to the end and secretly in love with a sanctimonious priest who, when he met her in the street, always said, “Hello, Fermin, you’re becoming quite a dashing young man.” Life’s ironies.’

– Fermin
The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I have not finished the book yet. But it’s long and oh-so-worth every single page. I’m about halfway through its 510 pages and I only started it yesterday. I’m about as obsessed with it as the protagonist is obsessed with the book he found in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

The hero, Daniel Sempere, is very likable, sensitive and is far too obsessed with love just like any hormonal male teen. But it’s his uncouth, shameless, and charming best friend Fermin that stole my heart. 😀


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