Why my Future Spawn Can’t Have Boob Bags

Whenever Sofia, my 4-year-old sis comes home from school, Chris knows that Steffi-and-Chris time is over and it’s Sofia-and-Chris chat time. We don’t really have a choice, she barges in, dominates the space until her older sister (me) gives up. He calls her “the ball of energy”. πŸ˜€

She usually tells him everything new (in between the excited shrieks and jumps) and shows off her school stars or her new hand puppet. Yesterday, she showed him her boob bag–a one-of-a-kind purchase that both my mom and I are particularly proud of. πŸ˜‰

Sofia & the boob bag

Sof and the boob bag.

The pose was her idea.

The pose was her idea.

Chris: o_o Why would you give a little girl a boob bag??
Steffi: Because it’s so cute and tiny. And it’s funny! Mom bought that hehe.
C: It looks like something that belongs in a bachelorette party!
S: Does this mean I can’t buy our future daughter a boob bag? 😦
C: Um, we need to have a discussion.
S: Why?
C: I don’t think both sets of in-laws would like the idea.
S: My mom would love it!
C: Haha.

Hours later… I just couldn’t let it go.

S: Why can’t our daughter have a boob bag? *pouts*
C: Fine. πŸ˜› She can have her boob bag.
S: Yay!


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