Wardrobe Malfunctions and Welcome to the Philippines!

Yes, I’m home. 🙂 Unfortunately, I find it hard to have fun as I’m also praying hard that my recruitment process will be completed soon.

The very next day after the plane landed, Mom took me shopping. To celebrate my return to freedom, I wore a transparentish peach shirt with what I thought was a tasteful bra underneath. After hours of walking around, I noticed a security guard checking me out. I tried to look at my chest but it was hard to tell up close.

Me: Mom, are my nipples showing?
Mom: Oh my God… cover them! The top of your areolas are showing.
Me: Tangina.

Thank God for very long hair.

A little later, while we were chatting in The French Baker, Mom noticed a few ladies looking over at our table. She asked me if my “parts” were showing again. I said:

“If they were, women wouldn’t be the ones looking.”

The moral of the story? WEAR A BETTER BRA.


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunctions and Welcome to the Philippines!

  1. Hello Fermi !!

    What you describe as a wardrobe malfunction is one of the most ‘sexy’ and provocative looks ever devised!!! .. aside perhaps from lace top thigh hi stockings peeking out from under a skirt. … Ummmm …you have a photo of that ‘malfunction that you can share perhaps?

    Tibor Tallos,
    a.k.a. – Dirty Old Man @ Mob Wars

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