So I’m at work when I’m not supposed to be at work. I just need to finish a few things (martyr!!!) before I can go. So you see, I’m not as horrible or biatchy as I’m said to be. I actually believe in charity. *rofl*

I’m listening to a meeting right now and I remember thinking that the speaker was so hot. Not pretty-boy cute, but very attractive in a Jurassic Park-meets-The Fast and the Furious kind of way. (I am so making sense right now.) He let it slip that he’s from Australia and the first thing I thought was: Oz! Yay! Timtams!

I have so many blogs linked from my page. There are some that I check often, some that I visit only when I think of the writer or when I feel like it. But I tend to miss amusing posts because I’m so lazy to check one by one. The solution?

Follow The Philosophy of Chocolate
Follow my blog with bloglovin´

It allows you to collect all your favorite blogs and will show their updates in one place. So you won’t miss a thing. 🙂 Brilliant idea.


5 thoughts on “Bah

  1. Oh. My. God.

    I totally forgot that you were writing! And now that I re-found it (yes, that’s a word), it’s so TOTALLY going on my google reader.

    (And FYI, Google Reader is awesome sauce. It. Is. A. *sings falsetto* godseeeeeeeend!)

    • Discworld are Real Life friends, and Pseudopolis are the blogs whose writers I don’t know personally (yet). hehehehe. Yep, a lot of them are Saudi folks. Saya noh! I wish Tintin blogged too.

  2. I’ll second the Google Reader vote.

    It ensures you never miss a post on any website to which you have subscribed, although it does take the fun out idle web surfing and the chance of stumbling across an old favorite site that you haven’t visited in a while.

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