Smile! You’re on TV

Trish and Letski had their date. I’m so inggit. 😀 Wish I was there with you guys. I’ll do my best to get home asap.

And Trish is right, all three of us did change but still essentially remained the same. We just grew up a little for the better. We used to be a lot brattier, now we’re quieter, more patient and more understanding of ourselves and others. Sometimes when I look at the college pictures, I chuckle at the memory of the girls we used to be.

One thing never changed…. our love for FOODTRIPS! I can’t wait.


Last Wednesday, Dr. Z stopped me in the hall and asked me if I was on TV. I said “No way!”, haha. Then he went on to describe what I said on TV and what show it was. And from the depths of my muddled brain, I remembered the day this charming girl conned me into giving a brief interview about youth, money and happiness.

*blush* How embarrassing! I’m shy at heart. And the only reason why I agreed to say anything on-cam was because she was desperate to find someone who could speak English well and agree to be recorded by video. I remembered feeling relieved that I at least tried to look presentable that evening instead of usually dragging myself off the bed and saying “I’m ready!”. I even wore lipstick. And earrings! And I combed my hair! *lol*

I just didn’t think someone I know would actually see it.


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