15 First Dates

In the spirit of Guttervomit’s 25 First Dates, here’s a few of my first encounters in random order. Too bad I don’t have as many as 25 as I used to live in a convent some 5 previous lives ago and I’m still adjusting to the modern era.

  1. He was 21, I was 16. School was canceled early. He texted me, asked if I was free and I ran out to meet him. We walked around until nightfall. He said I was extremely easy to talk to.
  2. I was 8 and he was 9. We used to play a lot and I thought he was nice. Until he kissed me while we were watching TV in his family’s living room. I walloped him.
  3. We decided we wanted to be together even before an actual date. He was nervous about visiting, my Dad was pissed with me for having a boyfriend, and I was anxious because I never invited anyone over before. I don’t remember if he brought doughnuts or croissants and he held my hand all the way up to the apartment door. I felt all the excitement of a high school kid at 22.
  4. It was Valentines and I was sick, at work and miserable. I called him if he wanted to come over for lunch and he said yes. Lunch was fantastic and I no longer felt so bad in spite of the fever. Next year, on February 14, I had to share him. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I was drunk but not high. He was both. We made out for three hours on the bar, at the parking lot, and in the car. Weeks later, I ran into him on the street. We were both surprised, said hello and moved on.
  6. My girlfriend had a crush so we followed him around like 10-year old girls. He was so busy he never noticed us laughing and giggling whenever he passed. I agreed that he was cute and was later introduced to us all. And then he asked for my number.
  7. It was just supposed to be a short conversation. He was very formal and polite, showed me his chis and I said they were really cute. “Like you,” I thought. When I said I was 24 (and not 17) he said YES! and didn’t let me go for another 12 hours. Eight months later, I’m still glad that he didn’t.
  8. He surprised me by visiting my dorm. While we were chatting in the foyer, my friend arrived, saw him and said “Sensei!” and bowed twice. I thought it was hilarious and any hope of developing chemistry disappeared.
  9. He was French and could speak about 10 words of English. I couldn’t pronounce his name and figured the place was way too loud to talk. So we just kissed, danced, and laughed for hours. We said goodbye at 5am the next day.
  10. He looked like one of those handsome Mexican soap opera actors. He said he was Brazilian and insisted that he wanted to take me around during the remaining days of my holiday. While he was telling me how fun Sentosa would be, I saw his friend trying (and failing) to make-out with my friend. When Mr. Brazil turned away a bit, I pulled my friend away from his sleazy mate and escaped.
  11. I sat in Starbucks waiting for the rain to stop. He asked if he could share a table. He kept on talking while I was trying to catch the eye of the guy behind him. He woke me up with a call the next day, my phone died, and he thought I hung up.
  12. With 45 minutes left before the movie started, he said he wanted to buy a magazine. He bought FHM of all things and I spent a weird date looking over the pages with him. After Hannibal, we never went out again.
  13. He asked if he could visit my office. I said it wasn’t illegal. He came with a friend. The friend spoke to me and said the other guy was too shy to come inside. I went out, waved and waited for him to approach. He never did. The next day when he called, I advised him that it would be more lucrative if he turned his attentions to another girl. And asked all my colleagues to tell him I’m out in case he calls again.
  14. He got off work early just so he could see me. The guards wouldn’t let him in so we spent around 10 minutes outside the compound on the sidewalk saying goodbye. He had the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a guy. And then he left for Austria.
  15. He crashed my birthday party, danced with me once and told me I had the best pair of legs he had ever seen. He gave me his number before leaving. I said “ick”, gave Ry the piece of paper and intentionally forgot about it.

6 thoughts on “15 First Dates

  1. I loved the sensei and the bowing. hahaha! Something like that happened to 2 of my friends. The other 1 was dating this older guy, and when she decided to introduce him to her friends, our OTHER friend ended up making beso with the date, sabay “Uncle! Kumusta?”. :/

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