The Right Formula

I forgot to apply moisturizer before I left for work and now my face feels scratchy, dry and mildly itchy. I feel like I have a beard growing haha. Moisturizing is not a vanity issue for me. Delaying wrinkles is nice but, for me, it’s a necessity! I live in Riyadh, the city that sucks all moisture out of the air and off your skin. So unless you like feeling like papyrus most of the time, I suggest constant hydration. My everyday face routine consists of moisturizer plus cheek tint and lipgloss and I can’t survive without any of the three.

I swear by Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. When I was in London last summer, Mama Oda told me she swore by it and she looks way younger than her age. So while I was in Harrods, I loitered around the Clinique booth until the nice salesgirl helped me choose the products that were best for me.

I have uber-sensitive skin so I’m very very careful with make up (I rarely wear any) and creams (I hardly ever use them). I tried the small bottle of moisturizer first and then bought the big one after I was happy with the results. The smell is not overpowering, the texture is light and absorbent and it does not leave you feeling so greasy that you could fry an egg on your forehead. I got the 4.2 oz bottle with pump which costs 235 SR (62.6 USD / 2,959 PHP) in Debenhams.

I made my shushal brother try it last night and laughed when he conceded that it was worth the expense. Speaking of Jiko, never offer to treat him anywhere unless you’re prepared to spend. He’s snobbier than a Vanderbilt and told me that he never intends to marry because a wife will just cost money when he could just spend it on himself. FTW, lol.


I’m very happy for my friend Trish. When we were college students, we three–Alet, Trish and I–were the eternal singles. We even had bets about who’s going to end the spinsterhood. I was the first to get boyfriends and didn’t find much success in the past. Hopefully, and I do think I got the right formula this time, the Chris/Steffi story will end up differently. Trish waited a bit, got off into a rocky start but ended up being very happy with Zeph.

I mean Zeph, her guy. Not the ZEP. 😀

I wish her all the best and I can’t wait to meet and get to know her Zeph better when I get home. Alet, the one who completes the trio, is still single. I have no idea why because she’s gorgeous and kind and crazy and funny…etc. But I suppose it’s better to wait and be safe than sorry.

I’ve always been transparent with my thoughts and feelings in a relationship. I’d hold back a bit during the first three or four months because I’d think that he might take me for granted if he knew the degree of my affections. But I always end up showing it. The first one couldn’t handle it and said I was too much. The second one… I don’t know what he thought, I have to ask him hehe. The last one understands, responds even more, and thinks it’s just perfect.


One thought on “The Right Formula

  1. It seriously just becomes that predictable anymore. Obviously its already happened in these comments, when all you really asked was if people thought stories like this were worth posting. :/

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