How Not to Be in a Sex Scandal

From Jessica Zafra’s Emotional Weather Report:

Be on your guard. Always conduct a sweep of the venue and check for hidden cameras. Confiscate mobile phones and other gadgets for the duration of the activity.

Establish that you do not wish to be “camcorded.” If possible, record the other party clearly saying, “I swear you are not being recorded.”

The old school, analog way to prevent this sort of exposure is to turn off all the lights. Bad for the cinematography.

Mind your data security. Computers, cameras, mobile phones, external drives and other gadgets are stolen all the time. Encrypt your files.

Assign passwords, and have passwords for your passwords. Don’t be an idiot and use your name or birthdate as your code. Random numbers are more difficult to crack. Stop complaining that your passwords are “hard to remember.” They’re supposed to be.

Use voice-activated log-ins, retinal scans, biometrics if you can. Set up firewalls. If you are on shared connections, use stealth mode. Yes, security systems can be hacked into, but you don’t have to make it easy for the intruder.

Read the whole thing here.


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