Archie and Veronica?

From Tricia.

Is this true? Grrrr. It’s not that Archie’s such a prize because I do like Jughead a lot more. But it’s the principle of winning.

I was hoping he’d choose Betty and then she’d leave him for someone better to make him realize just how badly he has treated her for decades. Haha.


I spent last night explaining my shopping habit to Chris. It’s not that I’m a shopaholic because I’m not. I wouldn’t spend all my money or my last 100SR on stuff. I’d hoard it! I’ve been through too many problems to not know the value of money.

It’s just that I prefer quality over quantity all the time with anything I use. For instance, I have only ONE pair of sunglasses and I’ve had it since I was 18. But it’s a beautiful Gucci that looks good anywhere, anytime at any decade. I figured that having one good thing is better than 100 cheap ones.


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