It’s official. I agreed to work until June 15 and then I’m coming home to settle all the stuff I need to do before coming back again. My boss is afraid that I’d be gone for 3 months. I doubt it but it may take two months, knowing the bureaucratic red tape in the PI.

But it’s just not work stuff I have to deal with before I leave. My mom asked me to organize my clothes and box up everything I no longer use or wear whether they’re new or not. I have to agree with her that the situation is a nightmare: I don’t know where to put them anymore. The drawers are full, the cabinets are full, the closet is close to bursting and I’ve even invaded my mom’s closet space. I’m going to run out of little stools to put folded clothes on around the cabinets (haha) and no matter how many red hangers I buy from IKEA we’re always running short. *inhales* This is going to take me the whole weekend. I don’t remember the last time I had to organize my clothes! My brother thinks my sock drawer is a disgrace and I have to agree. There are hundreds in there and I can’t even find a pair. And when I can’t find decent socks, I go to M&S and buy more because I used to buy from Geant and poked holes in them after 2 washings. *headesks* I forgot I bought those nice dark green leather gloves on sale from Debenhams until I found them at the bottom of my underwear drawer just after winter ended.

So this weekend will be ukay-ukay in my room weekend. Luckily, I have lots of younger cousins who might appreciate the stuff I’ve outgrown. I don’t have any old tatty ones, they magically disappear. It’s just that I don’t use a lot of my clothes anymore because tastes change, and some of them are too casual for work. But they’d be perfect for a college student or someone who’s just starting to work in a less formal setting. (Who am I kidding? I wear Ipanemas to work!)

Let’s not even go to the shoes. Dad is annoyed that I’ve taken over the shoe shelves. 😛 Sofia loves them though. She plays dress up with my stuff and I always let her. The other night I caught her trying on black stockings. “WTF! o_0 You’re only 4!”

And the bags! The bags!

The accessories are not a problem: Sofia digs through them and gets what she wants.


Now lets go to another painful topic: packing. I never know what to bring. I end up either bringing too much (London, 2008) or bringing too little (Manila/Davao/Singapore, 2007) and I have to buy more because I run out of things to wear. I have to pack for at least 2 months this time and make sure I bring everything I need. With my horrible memory, I’d probably need a checklist.

And make sure I don’t forget my meds.

I’m not sure what to bring for the March holiday either. But that’s a long way away so I’ll probably plan and pack at the last minute, as usual. When I told Bella about the planned holiday with Chris and what clothes I needed to bring, she said: “You won’t need clothes.”


2 thoughts on “Ukay

  1. Bella is right you know. Maybe a set of clothes for the plane ride in and a set of clothes for the plane ride out. 2 sets for 2 weeks. Sounds like a good deal to me 😉

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