… I’ve chosen two B&B’s/hotels and asked Chris to book whatever’s available. I also felt it necessary to add that I wasn’t being paranoid and too-early as there are plenty of far more paranoid people who have booked the other places that we liked before me.

… I’ve booked my vacation dates at work to make sure that they’ll let me go.

… And just after I’ve settled into finishing what I can because I need to go home and process my work visa, they asked me for an extension. Nopes, I do not want an extension. There are too many things that are not okay in my work situation right now and I’m tired of them and want to get them over with. It’s not my fault that there’s no one to cover me. Tita Carmen resigned 2 months ago FFS, that was ample time to find someone to replace her.

And now that I’ve written this and no longer have any reason to postpone my To-do stuff, I have to return to work. *grumbles*


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