Fear of Orange

I’m still in my reading-about-London-hotels phase and while I was checking reviews on easyHotel Victoria, this part made me laugh:

The room was literally the size of a double bed, with a bit of space for opening the door and to access the bed. If I had a lot of luggage, I wouldn’t have been able to get into the room unless I put my luggage on the bed. I thought it was quite hilarious and took photos for my friends.

Some of the walls were orange and so was quite a bit of the bathroom. So if you have a pathological fear of orange colour, this hotel is definitely not for you. The room, including the bathroom, was very clean.

Watch out if you are not physically strong and have a heavy bag. There is no lift and stairs are quite steep.

Aside from the above, which were hilarious, other details were revealed:

  1. Walls are not really walls but are partitions. Prepare to hear everything including people flushing and doing very very bad things next door. And this means they will hear you doing very very bad things as well. *rofl*
  2. Pillows and duvet are thin.
  3. You can’t use the TV unless you pay 5 pounds/day for the remote.
  4. Cleaning costs 10 pounds a day
  5. Unless you keep the toilet closed, stuff will fall into the toilet. It’s that tiny.
  6. If you get a room without a window, prepare to feel claustrophobic throughout your stay.

I’m so NOT staying there. Unless I’m alone and I only need a crashpad for a night or two. Definitely not for a holiday.


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