Stressing over London

First, let me just say that while I’ve gotten over my initial heartbreak about Adam Lambert not winning American Idol as I think Kris Allen is truly a lovely, artistic person and I’m sure Adam will be GREAT whether he wins or not… I still think contests based on public voting are a sham. It’s a popularity contest, not a true test of who’s the best. And Glambert, guyliner and everything, is the best.

Since last night, I’ve been busy looking for a place to stay in London. Chris and I are planning to go on a 2-3 week holiday around March-April 2010 and since we can’t stay with Mama Oda [Me: “My family is traditional and… um… we’re not married.”] I was looking for a hotel or B&B that is (1) reasonably priced, (2) pretty and comfy, and (3) is within Central London or is at least within walking distance of a tube Station.

And almost a year before that date, all the hotels I liked are booked! [Me: “J.H.C. Why are they all unavailable this early??!”] There’s just one that still has slots only that one is near Heathrow and I wanted to stay as close to the great places to visit as possible. The hotel in Stratford, which is near Mama Oda’s house, has slots but there’s no internet! And I can’t live without internet. [Chris: “We can live without MW for 2 weeks or we can find a cafe or something.”] And there’s a chain of hotels that is very low-priced and seems convenient since we’ll be out most of the time except that the walls are an extreme scary orange and I don’t think I can sleep with walls like that. [Me: “Is blue paint more expensive than orange?! *gripes*] And there’s a boutique hotel which just looks so beautiful but aside from being pricey, again, there are no available rooms for the dates I wanted. And those dates are non-negotiable. We have to be there during Chris’ birthday week.

After listening to me for nearly 24 hours describing one place after another and showing him links to possible places, Chris finally told me:

Look, don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to stay in a beautiful place. But the reason I want to go to London is because I want to be with you.

That shut me up. 🙂 But I’m still busy looking for hotels, hehe. Besides, it’s past 3 am and I still can’t sleep. I may as well make use of my insomnia.


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