Getting Married

Last night, my 4-year old sister, Sofia, decided that she wanted to sleep beside me. She brought her two fat white pillows, both bigger than her, her blue blanky that Ate Ina gave her when she was born, and Horton, the little blue elephant from IKEA, and made herself comfortable on my double bed.

In spite of the 21-year age gap, we can have pretty good conversations sometimes:

Sofia: Ate, are you married?

Me: o_0 No. I’m still young.

S: What about Kuya Jiko?

M: He’s even younger (18). And Dad, Mom and I will be very upset with him if he gets married now.

*8 feet away, an eavesdropping Jiko snorts*

S: What about Mommy, is she married?

M: Of course! She’s married to Daddy. 🙂

S: I don’t want to get married! I don’t want to have a husband!

M: Why? Don’t you want to have your own baby? You’ll be the mommy of a little girl that you can take care of like the way Mom takes care of you?

S: Yes… *thinks* No… I don’t want to grow up. I want to be a little girl. *pauses* And I’ll be the mommy of Horton.


The next day, I told mom about it. Her reaction:

She’ll probably have a boyfriend at 13.

Haha… The truth is I feel like a missed a large part of her babyhood because we’re apart 75% of each year. And now that she’s a little girl, I don’t want her to grow up too fast. Kids these days mature far too early.


2 thoughts on “Getting Married

  1. I miss Sofie! She looks all grown up in the colored pic! She was still super liit the last time you visited! That was at Pizza Hut where she kept on walking towards the kiddie party area! hahaha

  2. She’s a 16-year old in a 4-year old body. And that pic was taken last year! She looks even better now, hehe.

    She cried when I went to a party without her. Mom explained that only grown-ups were allowed and she can go if she turns 18. She said “no, 10”. She thinks she knows how to walk in heeled sandals and always asks me to buy “make up for kids” (I negotiated and bought tinted strawberry gloss). She’s loud, infuriating, sweet and funny. And I really feel sorry for her future boyfriends and husband. Hahahahaha…

    You’ll see her again this summer, Trish. 🙂

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