After months of whining “I look fat” and “I need to lose 400 pounds” to Chris, and after months of repeating “you look fine” over and over, he finally told me this:

“Since you never believe me anyway, and nothing you say will change my mind, I’ll just support you if you want to lose 10 pounds or something.”

And all that I could think of was: “So you think I’m fat?? Grrrr.”

Men say they can’t understand women. They’re absolutely right. I can’t understand me sometimes! 😀 Tip to guys, just stick to “you look fine” next time.


One thought on “Fine

  1. You never believe me when I tell you that YOU LOOK HOTT. Not fine *pouts*. Again I gave in because you don’t want to believe me :p And that is after some 6 str8 months of hearing it (***whispers – maybe longer). LMAO.

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