The end of the printed book?

The Disembodied Book by Jürgen Neffe. (from Jessica Zafra’s blog)

According to the above, printed books will soon be extinct and digital books will take its place, just like what happened to music and photos and other media in the recent years.

I beg to differ.

  • Can you curl up with Nancy Drew e-books under the covers during your preteen years?
  • Can you admire and run your fingers over the comforting texture of an old e-book?
  • Can you read so much into the wee hours of the morning that you pass out and roll over a much-loved, crumpled e-book of The Historian?
  • Can you write a touching dedication behind the cover that would last for years when giving a first edition e-book to a friend?
  • Can you throw a heavy, hardbound e-book of The Name of the Rose to the cad who thinks he can break up with you in your own living room?
  • Can you line up your e-books in beautiful bookcases and set an atmosphere in your home?
  • Can you fold the corners of the pages of e-books in libraries so other readers can find the naughty sections of Lady Chatterley’s Lover?
  • Can your baby sister get as much satisfaction when chewing on the corner of a The Eyre Affair e-book as opposed to letting her chew on the paperback version?
  • Can anything beat the experience of turning the pages with your hand while settled in the most comfortable position in your favorite armchair or daybed?
  • Can the computer screen give the familiar scent of printed paper?

I rest my case.


2 thoughts on “The end of the printed book?

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