Goodbye Danny

Danny Gokey finally said goodbye to American Idol and it’s just Adam Lambert and Kris Allen that’s left. Personally, I’m not sorry to see Danny go. He has an amazing voice but he lacks the X factor–the star quality that will make people want to spend on your records and buy tickets to see and hear you sing.

Kris may not be as vocally gifted as the other two but he has what Danny lacks. Plus his originality counts for a lot in a competition like AI. His version of “Apologize” was okay but not amazing; the song was too high for him. But his acoustic performance of “Heartless” was much much more impressive and this probably swung the judges’ and viewers’ votes in his favor. Adam, my personal favorite, can overdo the screaming-rock-god sometimes but his risks always pay off. He may be different but it can’t be denied that he has the vocal talent, the confidence while performing, and he has IT! I think he’ll end up winning the competition and even if he doesn’t, his future as an artist is looking very bright.

Watch them:
Danny sing Dance Little Sister
Danny sing You Are So Beautiful

Kris sing Apologize
Kris sing Heartless

Adam sing One
Adam sing Cryin’


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