How Are You?

I hate that question. Even more than I used to. Why? Because, lately, it’s been all about work for me. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just that the volume is too much that I occasionally bring work home.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? After all, I’m single with no kids. I should have extra time to use. But not bringing work home is my golden rule of working to live. Not the other way around. So what if I don’t have the responsibilities that others have? I like my alone time. Home is the only place in Riyadh where I can bum around and read what I want, watch what I want when I want, and play with my sister. That homework gets in the way of “relaxing” is an understatement. Plus, it has its consequences. If I bring work home, I would need more down-time, meaning I’d ditch my other activities and even friends just to spend time with myself.

1. Get rid of occasional petiks like writing on this blog [Nopes. I’d rather die.]
2. Drink more coffee. [My knees shake after 3 cups.]
3. [My favorite.] Quit.

Too bad I’m not reckless enough to do #3. But I’m that close.

4. Remind the powers-that-be to hire a replacement for my colleague who just quit so I won’t have to do all the work meant for two persons.

Which I did today. And my coordinator even gave ma a heart to heart talk because she finally noticed that I was getting pissed so easily. It went well, I think. And I thought my face wasn’t that expressive. 🙂


I stopped watching Gossip Girl at Season 1’s Episode 15. I know that after this, Serena and Dan will f**k up their relationship and I don’t think I can bear to watch them dating other people on Season 2. 😦


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