Gossip Girl made me post again

Two things to prove that I am a total noob at times:

1. I didn’t know that you could watch shows through streaming on the net. Sure, I know You Tube exists. Who doesn’t? But I hardly ever go there plus I had no idea you could watch complete TV shows that way. And it is so fast. o_o And so convenient. o_o

2. After being one of the biggest things on television for years, I only just started on Gossip Girl… and I love it!!! You can’t blame me totally on this one. I almost never watch TV, plus the ones who supply me with downloaded or DVD copies of their favorite programs are male. And most XY chromosome carriers do not care if Blair Waldorf is wearing a certain shade of blue from last season and that the Stella McCartney version from Bergdorf is much better.

Where will I start?!

gossip girl cast
From Left: Blair, Nate, Serena, Dan, Chuck and Jenny

Serena Van der Woodsen. She may not be as classically beautiful as Blair, but she has “it”. She’s all hair, legs and appeal and it’s just impossible to hate her character. One either loves or hates Blair Waldorf, but because she carries a lot of insecurity around to fit in her designer bags, it’s also easy to connect and relate with her. Nate Archibald is so gorgeous that he could easily topple Zac Efron in the looks department. But I’m personally indifferent to him. He seems like he’d be a nice friend, though. Chuck Bass is excess personified. Like Blair, one could either despise him for it or think it’s cute and find him funny. Honestly, I hope I never meet a real-life Chuck. 🙂

And, last but not the least, my favorite character: Dan Humphrey. Dan’s the boy-next-door with a staggering IQ and he’s in love with ultra-rich Upper East Side Serena. He’s not just awkward, funny and cute, he’s also eerily a lot like Chris. While I was watching Gossip Girl, I felt like I was seeing Chris on-screen. Though the build and hairstyle are similar, it wasn’t so much the physical looks that struck me; Chris’ hair is lighter, he’s also much cuter and the accents are different. But every word that comes out of Dan’s mouth sounds like something Chris would say. I found it so funny that I called Chris and said “You’re on Gossip Girl!”

I’m still on Season One, Episode 10, and I’m a huge fan of Serena/Dan. I heard they made a mess of it at Season 2. 😦 But there’s a silver lining around every cloud… also known as Season 3.


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